About Us

Our Cachaça portrays the distinguishing combination of values that represent the joy of Brazilians.

The idea started within a group of friends who thought about creating a cachaça that could take the Brazilian spirit to the rest of the world.

This premise took us back to the golden years of Brazil, with its beaches, music, and outstanding personalities of our history, which guided us into the sophisticated world of contemporary civilization. We are talking about the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, and the Bossa Nova music.

This is Rio de Janeiro, the “Marvelous City,” with its seaside boardwalks silhouetted among the mountains. This is the context where the Cachaça Rio 40° was created. To honor the history of the Marvelous City and the Brazilian people, our drink would have to be of high quality, with a modern design and reasonable cost.

The group of friends who came up with the idea was formed by a doctor, an industrial chemist, and a businessman. The passion for cachaça was the catalyst for this challenge and the result came from each one’s background.

The chemist was an executive of multinational companies, living in Europe long enough to refine his habits. The doctor was always concerned with health, being a champion of the rigor in the manufacturing process of cachaça. The businessman was an idealist, who was keen to promote our culture, both in the country and abroad, while not giving up on the excellence and product quality standards.